Telco promotes digital inclusion in remote island of Antique

Market vendors in Semirara Island, Antique

Thanks to Globe Telecom, about 19,000 residents of Semirara Island will now have better access to the internet that comes with it certain innovations and training that aim to make their lives better. After all, mobile connectivity and digital applications are indispensable in their way of life.

Semirara Island is home to the country’s richest coal reserves. Most of the workers and their families residing in the island are from nearby provinces of Mindanao.

To make this happen, Globe collaborated with the largest coal producer in the Philippines, Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC), and the local government unit.


Globe teamed up with SMPC to upgrade all cell towers in the island with LTE technology, thus improving voice and video communication.

Now, forecasts about typhoons become readily available for the fisherfolk. Semirara Island residents are now able to keep in touch with family members elsewhere anytime. The network upgrade also enabled the residents to watch movies, do music streaming and mobile gaming.

Globe Telecom tower in Semirara Island, Antique
Globe Telecom tower in Semirara Island, Antique


Mynt, a financial tech startup of Ant Financial, Globe, and Ayala, is providing SMPC with a modern payroll solution that allows the company to easily disburse salaries, loans, or allowances to to over 3,300 employees.

Through GCash, SMPC employees can send money to other GCash users anywhere in the Philippines – perhaps to their relatives in other parts of the country – for free, and within seconds. It also allows them to pay bills at the comfort of their homes, and without falling in line at automated teller machines.


Globe Bridging Communities will roll out the Digital Thumbprint Program to public schools Semirara National High School and Tinogboc National High School, and a private school Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc. in June 2019.

Developed by Globe, Optus, and Singtel, this program offers free workshops that educate students about their online behavior. Since 2016, Digital Thumbprint Program has reached over 1.9 million students across the Philippines.


According to Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, “Digital inclusion is a huge undertaking because it requires cooperation from a broad set of stakeholders – private enterprises, local residents, and local government. We are happy that the stakeholders have given their support so we can bring about change that would eventually result to a more progressive island community.”

These initiatives are in line with the commitment of Globe to UN Sustainable Development Goals such as (1) build a resilient infrastructure, (2) promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, (3) foster innovation, (4) ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and (5) promote lifelong learning opportunities for all./PR

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