History of Deco’s La Paz Batchoy

The birth of Deco’s La Paz Batchoy

The father of all batchoys is Federico “Deco” Guillergan, Sr. The history of batchoy dates back to the years before the second World War broke out. It was Deco, a butcher who worked at the La Paz market, who gave birth to what is now known as La paz Batchoy, which is named after the district in Iloilo City where it originates.

During that time there were a lot of Chinese businessman in the city. That gave him the idea to concoct this clear noodle (meke) soup.

Ingredients of La Paz Batchoy

The modern-day batchoy has undergone several modifications. The first batchoy was made of meke (native noodles) submerged into a hot clear soup of boiled bone marrow, meats, guinamos (local shrimp paste) and topped with garlic.

Eventually, pork innards and sliced liver were added.

The last innovation to be included in the famous batchoy was the chicharon, making it more delicious. It is best paired with fresh egg, puto or pandesal.

The people of La Paz first tasted the original Ilonggo soup for only 10 to 20 centavos per bowl served inside the La Paz Public Market on a counter-type setting.

Deco has passed on the baton to his sons since then on. That is when several Deco’s Batchoy outlets started to sprout out like in España Manila, Iloilo Capitol, Paglaum Sports Complex in Bacolod City and Iloilo Central Market.

This original Ilonggo specialty is so popular that some restaurants in Iloilo and Manila carry the dish La Paz batchoy in their menu. Now there are even instant noodles manufactured already.

Improved Locations and Same Original Batchoy Recipe

Many years later (2007) businessman Edgar “Injap” Sia bought Deco’s Lapaz Batchoy whose branches are now in Lasalette Building along Valeria Street, Robinsons Place Iloilo, and Robinsons Place Jaro.

“We are revolutionizing the look of a batchoyan in Iloilo to make it more exciting to our guests. Given the fact that Iloilo is very progressive, Ilonggos today are more modern and many tourists are visiting our city. We have created a look that has an inviting ambiance that people from all walks of life will be happy to eat there,’’ says Marichel Teves-Magalona, the licensed operator of Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy.

Deco’s La Paz Batchoy Jaro Branch: Ilonggo Heritage in an Asian Concept

Marichel Magalona, licensed operator of Deco's La Paz Batchoy and owner Injap Sia
Marichel Magalona of SB Magalona Alliance and Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy owner Edgar “Injap” Sia, Jr. during the signing of an agreement to officially turn over the operations of the said company to Magalona.  Backed with business management and culinary expertise, Magalona is now the licensed operator of Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy whose official branches are in Robinsons Place Iloilo, Robinsons Place Jaro and La Salette Building, Valeria Street. 

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