Business and transport groups praised More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) as the power company strives to improve Iloilo City’s electricity distribution system.

The Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILEDF) and Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA) cited MORE Power’s effort to correct the current state of disrepair of the city’s electricity distribution system, which they said naturally resulted in scheduled power outages.

Francis Gentoral, executive director of ILEDF, stressed in the group’s statement that ILEDF “is confident that MORE Power remains true to its commitment to provide transparent service and has never shied away from informing the public of the unscheduled power interruptions, their durations, and causes.”

The business group noted that for the first time, “Iloilo City consumers … finally, enjoy(ed) a (per) kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate of less than Php10 when MORE Power took over as distribution utility” as Iloilo City had recorded one of the highest power rates in the entire Philippines for more than 15 years under the Panay Electric Company (PECO).

ILEDF said the city’s power distribution utility should have “a demonstrated capability, track record, and financial capability to operate and maintain a distribution utility for a fast-growing metropolis; make significant investments in infrastructure; systems and technology; and human resources; and maintain a long-term commitment to Iloilo.”

This position was in line with a vision by the city’s business leaders to promote Iloilo as a preferred investment destination and underscoring the urgency for the world-class electricity service for Iloilo City, the group said.

The business group said the experience of Iloilo City’s businesses and residents in the first few months of MORE Power’s operation that it ” supports efforts to address public welfare concerns particularly on the eradication of theft of electricity, fire prevention, and overall improvement of services to the Iloilo City consumers.”

It added that the new distribution utility “does corrective maintenance on the existing distribution facilities which had fallen into such a serious state of disrepair brought about by years of neglect and lack of capital investments.”

Praise from transport groups

Raymundo Parcon, president of the Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA) said that MORE Power is “diligently doing their upgrading and comprehensive preventive maintenance in all its substations and upgrading its distribution lines.”

Western Visayas Transport Cooperative general manager Halley Alcarde stated that MORE Power “is really committed to deliver the needed upgrades in all aspects of their operations, from upgrading the capacity of every substations to their distribution lines, and replacements of old meters of its consumers.”

In particular, Alcarde praised MORE Power President Roel Castro for being “very open and transparent with most of its dealings and on handling the operations down the line as consumers are updated of the current power distribution situation in the city as well its current limitations, something that we don’t know from the previous one.

To recall, MORE Power was granted the franchise to establish, operate and maintain a distribution system for the conveyance of electric power in Iloilo City. This is based on Republic Act 11212 which was signed on February 14, 2019.

MORE Power has infused P1.8 billion for its modernization program which includes the procurement of modern facilities, repairs, and creation of customer welfare-driven initiatives. To see the list of MORE Power’s maintenance works, click here: Amid power outages, MORE repairs beneficial in the long run