Iloilo City’s drive wins Covid-19 story of the year

The City of Love’s war against CoronaVirus Disease (Covid-19) has been hailed story of the year by a telecom company.

“How this mayor turned Iloilo into a model city with its ‘all action’ approach to fight COVID-19” won First Place COVID-19 Story of the Year for Rhick Lars Vladimer Albay in the 2020 Globe Media Excellence Award.

He also received P10,000 from Mayor Jerry P. Treñas.

“Ilonggos have remained fairly optimistic about how the health crisis will play out in their city. Thanks in large part to its Mayor Jerry Treñas who seems to be doing everything in his capacity to keep the tide of COVID-19 at bay,” Albay wrote at the height of pandemic.

“To name a few of the initiatives the mayor has taken, there’s the establishment of community kitchens around the city to feed the constituents of each barangay, plus his plea for mass testing backed with financial support from affluent local businessmen,” he stated in his written piece.

“With the shadow of uncertainty and difficulty looming over the country for the past few months, I think Iloilo City’s story of solidarity resonated with a lot of people because it was a beam of hope – that working together under a decisive leader, a community can overcome and rise above the challenges of this unprecedented time in the history of our city and country,” Albay stressed.

Albay is an accomplished writer from the Central Echo to Panay News, and Rappler MovePH to ANCX of ABS-CBN. He describes Iloilo as a city rich with stories just waiting to be told. His other winning entries also included:

Second Place for Breaking News of the Year for Digital for “Gov’t ‘red tape’ frustrates Iloilo City mayor amid coronavirus response.”

Third Place for Community Development Story of the Year for “Artists raise more than P1 million to produce free face masks for all in Iloilo City.”

Finalist for Breaking News of the Year for Digital for “5,000 coronavirus test kits arrive in Iloilo City.”

Finalist for Community Development Story of the Year for “Artivism gives face to Iloilo’s vulnerable public markets; and Iloilo’s 12 new large-scale public art pieces are a dozen more reasons to visit the city of love.” (Iloilo City PIO)

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