3 ways to stay sweet on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to be extra sweet and shower your loved ones with gifts. This is not just exclusive to couples—it can be celebrated by everyone. Here’s how you can make Heart’s Day sweet for you and those around you.

Show some self-love

If you can’t spend time with your loved ones, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating it by yourself. Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely; it just means you know how to make yourself happy in various ways. Celebrate the season of love by doing things that make you smile—from working on a project you enjoy to binge-watching rom-coms with some scented candles, and enjoying snacks from your secret stash.

Always be my baby

Your furry pals can also be your date this love month. They’re cute, sweet, and they bring you happiness 24/7. Don’t forget to give them extra cuddles and pet treats on Valentine’s Day too. They’re there for you during your highs and lows and are always ready to give you unconditional love. (Warning: don’t give dogs chocolate)

Nips Dark Chocolate by Universal Robina

Spread the sweetness to people close to you

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic relationships. You can also show your appreciation to your family and barkada. You don’t have to be physically together; you can just send them a sweet text or gift, like their favorite chocolatey treat.

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without chocolates, and Nips has the perfect companion for you: Nips Dark Chocolate! Your childhood favorite chocolate now has the right balance of bitter from its dark chocolate center and sweetness from its candy coating – a treat you will surely enjoy, whether on your own or with loved ones. This yummy treat is now available in select supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide. (Follow on Facebook: Nips Philippines)

Featured photo by Free Stocks

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