Why GCash is the new ‘super life’ app

Doing more with less stress as and getting easy access to practically everything one needs has become a necessity. To address this, GCash launched GLife, which caters to all things food, fashion, beauty, technology, and practically everything essential.

GLife can be a personal shopper, food delivery driver, errand saver, and service provider all rolled into one.

“GLife is designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ virtual platform that meets customers’ lifestyle needs. You can get everything you need – from food to beauty essentials, to groceries and movie tickets – with just a tap on your smartphone. This means a more convenient way to live your daily life, especially if you’re always hustling from one activity to the next,” explains Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash.

GLife makes GCash the new super life app

GLife is a new app feature that’s conveniently located inside your GCash dashboard. With one tap, you can browse for entertainment, health, shopping, tech, essential services, and other lifestyle needs, and pay for them through fast and secure online transactions.

GLife is a hub that gives you first dibs on the hottest deals that only GCash subscribers will be able to enjoy.

Access brands and merchants with just a tap

Subscribers can look forward to exclusive deals from GLife’s partner brands and merchants that are practically everyone’s favorite when craving for good food, shopping for the latest beauty and fashion must-haves, ordering for groceries, and much more.

In the mood for gaming? Try Goama Games and win GCash credit vouchers. Need a new gadget? Access the Cherry Shop to get the latest device or DataBlitz to shop for tech finds. You can even manage your Globe at Home account or track or Globe numbers in just a snap when you access the GlobeOne and Globe at Home apps on GLife.

You may download the GCash app from www.gcash.com.

With this all-in-one super life app, switching from pay time to playtime is easier, faster, and of course, much safer.

Watch this video to see the all-in-one super life app in action./

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