Globe 5G Roaming now in USA and Canada

5G Roaming will also be available in more European destinations

Globe goes full speed ahead in securing the widest 5G network coverage worldwide as it locks in more partners to give Globe roamers and foreign visitors in the country the best experience 5G may offer. The company’s venture to secure North American locations proved successful through Canada-based Telus and USA-based AT&T.

Globe 5G Roaming Live in Canada via Telus

Globe follows this milestone with another by announcing its partnership with the leading technology communications company in Europe, Vodafone.

Globe roamers in Hungary, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands will get enhanced 5G connectivity experience by July 2021. Likewise, visiting Vodafone subscribers may also experience 5G connectivity in the Philippines as long as they have 5G-enabled handsets and in 5G-powered locations in the country.

Globe has the widest coverage of 5G roaming in Europe: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Estonia through Telia Company; Italy through Telecom Italia; and Hungary, Germany, Ireland, and Netherlands through Vodafone.

“Together with our customers, we look forward to the day that the world will open once again for travel,” said Coco Domingo, Globe Vice President for Postpaid and International. “For our part, we will fulfill our commitment to continuously innovate with a purpose so our customers will be prepared to roam the world with 5G technology at their fingertips.”

Globe 5G Roaming Live in USA via AT&T

Globe makes sure that its customers will have the best travel experience at an affordable price with Roam Surf Plus. This is Globe’s latest add-on call and SMS promo for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers that they can register on top of their Roam Surf 399¹ which already allows all-day surfing for Postpaid customers and 1GB of data for Prepaid customers for 24 hours upon activation.

And for an additional P200, Postpaid roamers will already get all-day calls and all-net texts while Prepaid roamers get 60 minutes of calls and 60 all-net texts valid for 24 hours for both customers. To register, Postpaid customers must activate Roam Surf 399 by turning on your mobile data and data roaming, while Prepaid customers can register to Roam Surf 399 via GCash, GlobeOne or *143#. Once active, text ROAMSURFPLUS to 8080 for free. This offer is available for a limited time only.

Globe is committed to implement 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), specifically UN SDG No. 9, which calls for the impactful role that infrastructure, industry, and innovation plays in advancing the world’s economic growth and development.

For more information on Roam Surf 399 and 5G Roaming, go to

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