Eastern Communications to provide reliable internet in Panay

Seals partnership with Iloilo-based Panay Broadband

Eastern Communications, one of the telecommunications companies in the country, has sealed a partnership with Iloilo-based internet service provider (ISP) Panay Broadband to provide stronger and more reliable internet connections in Panay Island.

Owned by Buenavista CATV Inc. (BCATVi), Panay Broadband is a local ISP that pioneered data service transmission in the province of Antique and was first on Cable Internet in the Island of Panay.

The alliance intends to intensify Eastern Communications’ goal to expand strong connections across the country and to provide assistance to local ISPs in meeting the growing demand for internet solutions in their respective localities.

The enhanced internet services will be immediately available in Antique and Iloilo provinces through Panay Broadband. The ISP is also planning to extend their reach to Roxas City, Capiz soon.

“As the now normal continues to increase the demand for bandwidth, CATV Operators and ISP Providers like us are in need of solutions that will increase the strength and stability of the internet connections we provide. We are grateful for Eastern Communications for supporting our goal of catering to more customers with agility and efficiency,” said Panay Broadband’s President, Anthonio Silloriquez.

“We’re honored that Panay Broadband has trusted us to be their partner and we remain committed to reaching more provinces and rural areas in the Philippines, through these partnerships we are transcending our limits as a solutions provider. We look forward to helping more Filipinos gain access to information and servicing their other needs online during the pandemic,” said Eastern Communications’ Head of Sales, Michael Castaneda.

For more information, visit eastern.com.ph.

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