Anja Rivera: a new breed of entrepreneur

Young entrepreneurs like Anja prove that age is not a barrier to success

If you have seen the social media accounts of Mrs. Wharton Pastries, London Bakes and English Teas; Lazy Susan; and Spa Riviera Iloilo, you will notice their minimalist, classy and captivating photos that would rouse everyone’s interest.

Add to that the effective calls to action and promos that will immediately make a person hit the message button to book food or a spa service.

The power of creativity and marketing is understood by Anja Yap Rivera who is behind these awesome creatives. She is the daughter of Marie Wharton, the founder of Mrs. Wharton, Lazy Susan, and Spa Riviera.

Anja is also a young entrepreneur who has her rising businesses – The Millennial Marketing which focuses on digital content and Binance Trade Support which focuses on trading.

Know more about Anja’s business insights in this interview.

Iloilo Updates: What important business lessons have you learned from your mom?

Anja: She taught me how to manage my EQ (Emotional Quotient).

IU: Since she is grooming you to manage Mrs. Wharton, Lazy Susan, and Spa Riviera, what are your visions for them?

Anja: No one predicted the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on businesses. Certain plans were either delayed or canceled and it forced business owners to reset how they handle their ways. I don’t want to go into detail about my plans because change is constant. However, I hope I can franchise the food businesses in the future and create a brand image of quality food.

IU: What is your management and work style, your strengths and weaknesses?

Anja: There are no constant ways on how to manage a business; every day is different. Problems are never the same. The most effective way on how to manage your business is to adapt to situations.

My style of work is all about mindset. Nature vs nurture both are developed by different kinds of mindsets.

Everyone is built differently and not every time everyone understands what you mean. My weakness is figuring out how to make people understand in the way I would want them to understand. I am afraid to offend people. I’m trying to improve this weakness by studying different types of personalities so that I can learn how to maneuver my communication towards them.

I am passive towards things I cannot change, thus I can easily manage my feelings toward something or someone. If something bad happens, I may feel bad for a while but then I can easily manage to move on quickly and change my mindset over it.

IU: Where does your passion lie?

Anja: I enjoy creating things that were just once in my head. My work involves a lot of creativity and social media marketing. Ideas flow when my mind is at peace. My passion lies in knowing that I can rest and have peace because God is in control.

IU: What goes on in your day?

Anja: The first thing I do when I get up is, of course, to pray. I pray that the day goes well and that God provides me with knowledge and wisdom on how to do my work.

For work, the first thing I do is post photos on our social media accounts. Then, I create content for our next posts. I’m also the one taking photos and editing our content.

After this, I would manage the influencers of The Millennial Marketing by checking if they have posted the content for our clients and make new content ideas for our future clients. I answer all inquiries as well and look for new clients.

Then, I would check our stocks for Binance Trade Support, making sure the stocks of our investors and mine are on track.

After I’m done with this routine, I would go to events (before the pandemic) and meet up with people for PR.

IU: What are the challenges that you face as a young entrepreneur?

Anja: One of my challenges as a young entrepreneur is gaining the respect of my people. The experience takes time and respect is given when you have enough experience.

IU: Which entrepreneurs do you admire and what have you learned from them?

Anja: Robert Kiyosaki and Jack Ma. I admire them for believing in what they know.*

(Ed’s note: Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman, founder of Rich Global and Rich Dad companies, and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad which offers personal finance education. Jack Ma is the founder and former chairman of Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses)

IU: How do you define success?

Anja: Success is having peace, being able to sleep well at night, and enjoying food at your table without vexation. Success is not about money but the standard and quality of your life. Another definition of success for me is not letting what we possess control us.

Young entrepreneurs like Anja prove that age is not a barrier to success as long as one is willing to learn, has innovative ideas, is passionate and dedicated, and has leadership qualities. With their energy and motivation, they can devote most of their time to their business and can easily adapt to the changing times.

Learn more about Anja Rivera’s brands below:

Mrs. Wharton Pastries, London Bakes and English Teas
Lazy Susan
Spa Riviera
The Millennial Marketing
Binance Trade Support

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