It’s the season of giving and the season of love! Will you give your heart this Christmas like what you did last year, or wish (or kiss) under a mistletoe? Let’s explore some of Greenpeace Philippines’ ways on how you express your love to your loved ones.
The gift-giver

First on our list, this Christmas is the act of gift-giving. But before you get too excited about giving gifts, consider buying items that are sustainably and locally made. Hashtag #LoveYourOwn!
Better yet, DIY your excellent craftsmanship. You can save on expenses by reusing old materials you have at home. It’s the thought that counts!

The timekeeper

Are you the type of person who likes spending time with your loved ones? Because being present after all is your best expression of love. If ever you feel being clingy this holiday season, maybe consider spending time with each other outdoors. Skip the crowded malls and opt for green, open spaces and bike together. Mother Earth will be happy.

The wordsmith

Do you like saying or hearing words of affirmation? Those messages that will make you feel more at ease with your relationship? There’s a sense of validation when you hear words straight from your loved one’s mouth.
The hugger
Touchy, touchy, touchy… but don’t be dirty especially to the environment Seriously speaking, the pandemic may have been difficult for some of you whose love language is physical touch. The distance can indeed be discouraging at some point. That’s why, let’s not only demand a “new normal” but for a #BetterNormal —one where no Filipino will be vulnerable to pandemics, disasters, and climate impacts.

The lover
Hatid-sundo, memorize lahat ng relationship milestones, or even doing small acts of kindness—nakakakilig talaga kapag genuine ‘yung acts of service. But you know what’s an even greater manifestation of love? Voting for the right leaders. Because by voting for the right leaders, we’re also protecting the future of our loved ones, the environment, and the rest of the Filipino people.

That’s why Greenpeace Philippines will be launching the LOVE, 52 campaign, envisioning an empowered youth voice that is demanding good governance and a better normal for the country and the environment. Through Love, 52, Greenpeace intends to appeal to the youth voters, who comprise 52% of the voting population, with the central theme of love. Why do we vote? We vote to protect our loved ones; our families, our country, and our environment. 

Join this journey towards a more livable and loveable future! Stay tuned on Greenpeace Philippines’ social media pages for more updates./PR

Featured photo: Andrey Novik/Unsplash